Hello all.

We are sad to announce the demise of Good Books.

It's been a fantastic few years, but the world keeps turning, and in the massively original words of Wet Wet Wet, 'They say all good things come to an end'. We do, however, have one rather special date in the diary before we shut up shop - we'll be playing the opening slot on the John Peel Stage on the Sunday morning at Glastonbury, the 28th of June. If you're coming to the festival, come along and bid farewell to Good Books with the four of us.

All that remains is to say a huge thank you to everyone who's been a part of this trip - our families, Anna, Ollie, Angus, Janine, and so many others. There will of course be more noise from the four of us in various guises in the future. Already JP is music making and remixing under the guise of JOCKS, and Christopher is playing bass for Klaus Says Buy The Record. We'll be sure to let you know more when you need to know. But for now, once again, thank you.

Good Books x