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Social Networking – the best of the rest

We’ll finish this little mini-series on social networking with a look at some of the other
social networking tools that are available.


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5 Top Tips

1. Ask yourself, how visible are you when you’re not there?

2. Find one or two networks that best suit you and focus on them

3. Win by sharing – don’t be secretive about what you know and what you find

4. Cast some bread on the water and see what bites you get

5. The best online networkers tend to be the best offline networkers too - think about it!


Squidoo lets you to set up a single web page on any topic, from products to politics.

By creating a series of pages, known as lenses, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and lend creditability to your products or services. 


You can set up a business Facebook page as easily as you can set up a personal profile. A business page allows you to create a customised profile to introduce your product or service. You can add photographs or videos of your product, include reviews and send updates to your Facebook friends.

Youtube – www.youtube.com

Youtube is now extensively used by businesses for everything from presentations to product guides. Video is a great way to bring your business to life on-line. It doesn’t have to be expensively produced, but remember your brand standards when deciding on your approach.

Linked In – www.linkedin.com

Linked in claims to be the world’s largest professional networking site. Essentially, it is an online CV that is useful for gathering and recording a network of contacts. By joining one of the many common interest groups and participating in the discussions, you can build your network and credibility.

Slideshare – www.slideshare.com

Slideshare is a repository of presentations. If you create a PowerPoint presentation, load it onto Slideshare. Like Squidoo, it is a means of building credibility in your specialist area.  Slideshare is also a useful resource if you have a presentation to prepare yourself.

Although there are still some questions about the usefulness of a lot of these services, many businesses are getting on board ‘just in case’. You will only have time to manage one or two social networks effectively, so our advice is to find the ones that best suit you and focus on them.

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